Seeing the tapestry

I want to tell you a story of returning to ourselves. Stick with me here.

Many of us, at some point(s) in our lives, come to a place where we’re truly puzzled about why we’re here and what we’re to do. We may turn to friends, to counselors, to God for perspective and the answers.

iStock_000004604932XSmallIt can seem dark and dense. And, if we’re looking for a lightning bolt or flash of light to move us, we may wait a long time. More often than not, the darkness disappears as a single lighter thought comes to us, to be joined by another, and yet another.

The details of my situation really are of little importance. But the way the light dawned on me is. Here goes…

Several months ago, I was talking to a friend about a situation that didn’t seem right to me. After poring over the details and bemoaning them, he just said, “You should read your blog.”

What an odd thought, I thought.

But yesterday was exceptionally dark and it seemed like a good time to start with the first post and read through to the most recent.

In doing so, I gained a renewed understanding of the importance of perspective—that sometimes illusive ability to see patterns and textures in tapestry where we might be used to looking at individual threads. Those threads are much like the details of our lives that can obscure the bigger picture, the larger purpose, the greater good that’s really going on.

So, the blog is back. I’m back. Back to the place I didn’t have to leave and, in truth, never did. Just a side trip, it was. Only a side trip.