Different faces, different names, but really much the same

Christmas 2008 is drawing to a close. We have opened presents and feasted on far too much food. We may have talked about the Christmas days gone by with family, with friends. Or we may have dined without either. Some may not have eaten at all. The Christmas day goes on…in many ways.

I want to remember two things.

First, although it’s the day Christians and others celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, not everyone does. While we trust that they will embrace, honor and accept us for what we believe, hopefully, we embrace, honor and accept the differences that make them who they are.

Second, there are many people who are not able to celebrate (regardless of the day) because they are poor, or alone, or because…fill in your own blank.

Mostly, let’s remember that we’re one huge family of people. Let’s try to understand each other because we have more in common than we believe.

We’ll only know we’re right about that if we try.

May good things come to you and those you love in whatever belief, ethnicity or language that is yours.


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