Wisdom in unlikely places

The Kleenex and toilet paper aisle of the local grocery store is an unlikely place to find inspiration or words of wisdom. Turns out it can provide both.

I wasn’t really paying much attention to choosing paper towels last time I went shopping. To be honest, I’m always bewildered at the choices; finding the best bargain is usually my goal. And I don’t pay much attention to the colored patterns that are intended, no doubt, to make the more expensive packages more attractive.

papertowelSo, last night, when I tore a towel off the roll, I was somewhat surprised to find the words “We Gather with Thankful Hearts” printed across the sheet.

I’ve always believed that appreciating what we have today, however great or small, is the basis of sustained happiness. The opposite—always seeking more, focusing on what we don’t have and that our neighbor does—can lead to discouragement and perhaps depression.

But the idea of “gathering” with others and appreciating what we have together struck me as an interesting concept. What if giving collective thanks is a catalyst for calm, appreciation and care? What if it would create a community that sustains itself by truly valuing what we have now, rather than what we hope to have tomorrow?

One can only imagine, I suppose. But one thing seems true: If we’re present in the moment, we’re enjoying what we have now.

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